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Learn to speak Xhosa

Do yourself a favour and learn one of the many many african languages, who knows what the future looks like. Learn to speak XHOSA. XHOSA and ZULU are more or less the same language, if you speak one you'll understand the other. In 2003, Heidi Schirrmacher and Sello published the book XHOSA FÜR SÜDAFRIKA, Kauderwelsch Band 157. XHOSA, the second most spoken language in South Africa. Authors: Heidi Schirrmacher and Lawrence Sello Lawrence

Kauderwelsch: Xhosa

Language and opening doors

"Language can open doors. if you live in a foreign country then you must at least speak the language. Even if you just know one word or two, people are different to you. They become friendly and things seem to get easier".

Sello Lawrence is occasionally teaching south african languages in Berlin. Courses have been paused due to the pandemic situation, as soon as things get better couses will commence again, check this page for updates

Film and Synchronisation

Now and again you will see Sello Lawrence just running through the screen in one or other film on German TV. His voice might be heard in a number of films as a synchronized speaker, including a film by George Clooney, "Money Monster", or the Netflix serie, "Red Sea Diving Resort".

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