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Sello Lawrence is a south african artist based in Berlin, certainly one of those who bring music back to reggae, following the footsteps of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Dennis Brown, Burning Spear and all those great pioneers.

Good lyrical content, vibes and the upliftment of the soul. "The music is the force that carries us through, therefore it has to be the inspiration. It has to reach the heart and soul, body and mind", said Sello about the role of music in his life.

His new album "Salute The Leaders" will be released in 2022. An homage to freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela, especially those who led Africa out of colonialism. "Aluta Continua", the struggle continues. "We are not free yet". "Amandla..."

Sello Lawrence Sihlabeni was born in Cape Town, South Africa. His music career started in the eighties in the ghettos of South Africa. He started as a keyboard player for a band called the Spears (of the nation). He played with the Regulars as well as the Sons of Selassie from Cape Town. "Do you remember Wednesdays at the Base, Shortmarket Street?" Well...

During his days at St Mary´s Primary School in Nyanga, he would lock himself up in the chapell after every church service.  Do you know why? . Because there was the PIANO, and there, he taught himself to play. It is at St Mary´s where he started to discover all his talents, a MUSICIAN, an ACTOR and a PAINTER. He would play the main role as Noah on the play titled "Noah and the Ark",which helped to raise funds for their school.

He came the first time to Europe with the band called Makwerhu from South Africa. Makwerhu played a mixture of Afro Beats and Reggae, with influences of High Life and Rumba. They travelled extensively throughout Europe and neighbouring countries, playing on a lot of different Festivals. Among others, the famous Africa Festival in Würzburg, Germany. On their last appearence, Papa Manu Dibango came up on stage and started jamming with the band.

In 1998 Makwerhu took a pause from the big stage, some went back to Africa. Sello stayed in Europe. In 2001 he went on tour with Vitamin X, a Ghanese Reggae/Afro Band, with which he appeared on a number of festivals, including the Chiemsee Reggae Festival in Germany, sharing the stage with artists like Bunny Wailer, Third World, Misty in Roots, Ziggy Marley, Gentleman, Seeed and many more.

Sello Lawrence invested all his assets in studio equipment, and again from scratch he taught himself how to operate the whole thing, which of cause took a lot of time. When you listen to the product you will realize that it was worth it. His first CD has been digitally released in DECEMBER 2006 so you can get it from most of the download shops. In SPRING 2007 it was physically released and is available in selected reggae stores,so go out there and check it out. CD: NEW NATION by SELLO LAWRENCE.

Now he has come up with a new album titled "Salute The Leaders" to be released in 2022.

This project has been supported by GVL and NEUSTART KULTUR

Album: Salute The Leaders

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